My Story

My story…….
About 14 years ago, I was a Mom of 5, two teenage girls. Always looking to stay connected, we were invited to a stamping class late in Oct.. We were newbies! The three of us went, had a blast and left ordering all the ingredients to make Christmas cards, gift packaging, etc.
The bags came early November and they sat in the corner of the dining room for weeks, untouched. Well, early came December and the entire northeast was hit hard by an ice storm! We lost power for 11 days! That meant no lights, no running water, no flushing toliets, no heat (thankfully we have a fireplace), no cooking except on the grill or what I could cook over Sterno. Remember- 5 kids! The kids mattresses came to the family room floor, Larry and I slept on couches and we went to bed early, burned alot of candles and got really creative with meals.
Anyway, playing board games and cards for hours on end, we were looking for things to keep us busy. Eventually, after about 4-5 days, that bag came out of the corner and we were hooked!
Well, the three of us would stay up until the wee hours of the morning laughing and crafting and a few not so nice words when we couldn’t figure the measurements. We were spending alot of money, having alot of fun with no end in sight. The Demonstrator suggested the following March that I consider signing up for the discount. DISCOUNT??? Seemed too good to be true. I invested in my starter kit and we purchased and crafted!
Both girls were gone to college four years later and I had no crafting buddies. I called my best friend growing up and asked if she would invite some friends for me to give this thing a try, My Stamping Spot (or the early version) was born.
The last 10 years have flow, my business has changed so much! I went from a few ladies and a few hours once a month, to three different groups once a month. I began to run Stamp a Stacks at Christmas and things started rolling. Covid shut downs forced me to learn technology and here I am!
I love what I do. I love to serve you all through videos, classes and more. I work crazy hours, but they are always on my schedule. I have traveled and met some of the most supportive women ever!
I thank you all! I am always humbled by the way you support me.
Do you want to start your story? I am here to help! Let’s chat!

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