The gift of time

Good morning,

I feel like I have to apologize as I have been unable to work for three weeks now. Some of you know, but for those of you that do not, my husband Larry, had a brain aneurysm three weeks ago. We have been very blessed and he is expected to recover fully, but it will take some time. We are very grateful that we live within an hour of the best hospitals in the world–in Boston. He spent three weeks at Beth Isreal.

Larry is home now, but I have fallen way behind. In between his doctor apptointments, physical therapy, etc, I will being playing catch up this week. Open orders will be placed and in before week’s end, I will be answering all those emails and working on my fall schedule- including rescheduling a few for this week. Please be patient, but do not be afraid to reach out if there is anything you need…..

Be on the lookout over the next few days for new class dates and exciting holiday gatherings.

Thanks again for your patience. Normally, I would be beside myself that I was so far behind, but the gift of time has been granted to my family and I am going to enjoy it rather then stress over the lack of it!

Hugs, Kathy