Break from reality!



After an almost two week break from every responsibility I have, I am back, refreshed and ready to tackle the world again!

All these boxes were waiting for me upon my return. I will sort through them today and tomorrow and orders will be ready to go on Wednesday! If you want to connect to get yours, just text, email or give me a call. You can come here or I can meet you.

I am also trying to sort through numerous emails, texts and phone messages. I promise, I will respond to all of you by Wed night. I apologize for the delay. I choose to leave my computer at home while at the beach and cell reception was terrible, just ask my mom…..haha….she wasn’t happy with the lack of phone calls! Lol!

I will post by weeks end with a Christmas in July card recipe. I was thinking of doing a last minute Christmas in July night Friday night at 7 PM. Is anyone around? Before I create and prep card kits, I just want to know who would like to come. This would be free….a sneak peek at some holiday items. Post a comment here, text or give me a call if you would like to come!

be in touch soon 🙂