I am sorry I do not have any great photos to post. I was so busy that I forgot to take some, but I am overwhelmed with the generosity of all who come out to support my Catalog with a Cause event. The amount of donations is incredible. There are boxes upon boxes upon bages of donations and envelopes full of cash and checks to be totaled.

I am sorry that it was standing room only, literally. When I do the next event of this type I will add an additional room to work in or choose a different venue.

I am so grateful that all of you are in my life! When I started this little venture several years ago, I had no idea the incredible people I would meet or the wonderful friendships I would forge. You all are the best part of what I do. So, I humbly say THANK YOU! We did a great thing last night!!

I would like to thank Christina Grover for her endless hours in helping to prep for this event. I could not have done it without you. I also want to thank Shannon Berube who came to support my event and wound up playing hostess all night serving up wine and passing yummy treats around. I love you!

I will post an update in the days to come with the totals, but in the meantime, does anyone have a UHaul I can borrow to get all this product to the food pantry and the pet shelter?