Clean them today!


Did you know……
1) you can clean your stamp’n scrub?
2) if you don’t clean your stamp’n scrub, you may transfer a dark color to a light color ink pad inadvertantly? If your scrub is very dirty with dark inks (say Night of Navy) and you clean a stamp, you may actually pick up some of the color onto your stamp. Pressed into a daffodil delight ink pad and bam! You have contaminated your Daffodil ink!

I find it most effective to run just plain warm water over the pads until you see the water run clear. No soap necessary! Then, simply leave to dry. I hang mine over the faucet for a few hours to drip and then i just lay it flat. Typically, i find they are dry in 24 hours – unless its warm and sunny outside. They will dry in 2-3 hours in the warm sun!

Clean those Stamp’n Scrubs today!