Hope Mailed


      Mailing Hope

MISSION STATEMENT: To Lift the spirits of others through snail mail.

Larry and I were overwhelmed with the prayers and well wishes that we received during our most difficult times these past 15 months. We believe prayers work. So, in gratitude, I would like to pass the well wishes on. I welcome any and all of you to help in this endeavor.
I will be gathering a group together monthly to make and send cards to those in mourning, ill or maybe just a birthday card to an elderly person in a nursing home. Really, cards will go out to anyone that needs their spirits lifted. I will be holding my first Mailing Hope gathering on February 9th 10-2. I will ask anyone involved to please consider a $5 donation. This will cover the cost of envelopes and postage. I will donate all other materials. At the end of our gathering, volunteers will have made 8 cards-4 to take home and 4 they will address and we will put in the mail that day!
The new email address to send card requests is Hopemailed@gmail.com. Feel free to pass this email out. Anyone that requests positive vibes for friends or family will need to include: name of person, mailing address (not email), their basic request (sympathy, healing, birthday, other).

If you would like to be a part of this group, please email me at kbedell@comcast.net. Please do not communicate via the Mailing Hope address-let’s save that for prayer requests only!

If this group grows, as I pray it will, it will need a planning committee. If you would like to take on any kind of leadership role in this group, please let me know. I envision we will need everything from people to go through emails and make card request lists to organizers and card creators.

This will be a wonderful way to gather and be creative while doing something special for others-some we know personally and many we don’t.

Pleas consider playing an active role in joining me monthly. We have some many blessings in life, let’s share them!